Natural Web Design screen shot - www.anstee-parry.comwww.anstee-parry.com

A striking and minimalist design which showcases the stunning artworks. The site is both a gallery to the works and a source of information on the courses run by the artist. This website has been running for several years and attracts customers within Norfolk and Suffolk and from across the UK. The text and images are updated by Natural Web Design on behalf of the client.

Natural Web Design screen shot - www.wylanbriar.comwww.wylanbriar.com

An extremely active website, receiving over 34,000 visits a year and comprising of over 100 pages, reaching out to various target audiences. The photo buttons allow these visitors to reach their desired area quickly, while allowing new visitors to see all the site has to offer in a glance. This website is designed so the client can update and add to the site themselves.

Natural Web Design screen shot - www.firstcarrecycling.comwww.firstcarrecycling.com

An eye-catching and yet extremely functional website which provides key information to the customer in an instant. The site includes a ‘notice board’ style sales page, an interactive map and a contact form with an anti-spam device. As with all the sites guidance and support was given on writing text with search engine rankings in mind. The logo was custom designed for the client. This website is designed so that the client can update and add to the site themselves.

Natural Web Design screen shot - Family Grows on Treeswww.familygrowsontrees.com

We were asked to completely re-design, re-structure and re-brand this company’s established site and this is the result. A site which is easy to navigate, enjoyable to use, and says what it does at every level – from the background images, to the logo, to the homepage tree with links which draw visitors further into the site. With enquiry forms, photo galleries, mailing list, two blogs, and latest tweets this site is highly professional and functional.

Natural Web Design screen shot - www.tonestepa.comwww.tonestepa.com

Videos, MP3 players, moving images, event calendar, social networking buttons, blog, photo and video galleries, this site has it all. A striking yet professional multimedia design which stands out form the crowd and delivers on all levels. Branding and logo designed, as always, to evolve with the client and their work. This website is designed so that the client can update and add to the site themselves.

Natural Web Design screen shot - www.marchstonelabradors.co.ukwww.marchstonelabradors.co.uk

A friendly and warm styled website which perfectly reflects the client’s nature and business. The site incorporates all the latest features including a moving slideshow on the homepage and photo galleries showing off the owners stunning photographs. Plus there is a pup’s diary which has all the benefits of a blog but with a softer more maternal style. As with all the websites, this site is designed so it can continue to evolve with their business as now has over 70 pages.

Natural Web Design screen shot - www.unitedbenefice.comwww.unitedbenefice.com

A traditional feel to this website which allows the individual character of each of the five Suffolk Churches to come through while also reflecting their connection to one another. Each Church has its own information page and photo gallery. There is a communal service dairy, events page, interactive map, shared photo galleries and a selection of information pages. The youth page has a different colour scheme to reflect the style and vibrancy of the upcoming generations.

Natural Web Design screen shot - www.healthyhappyoldies.org.ukwww.healthyhappyoldies.org.uk

Commissioned as a micro-site for Oldies Club (who rescue, rehabilitate and rehome older dogs across the UK) this site provides a wealth of information on looking after older dogs. The style is modern and eye catching, while the buttons draw the viewer further into the website, and the dogs looking on leave no doubt as to the site’s focus. Website and logo designed by Natural Web Design, text and photos maintained and updated by ourselves and Oldies Club volunteers.

Natural Web Design screen shot - Diaphanous Lifewww.diaphanouslife.com

A striking photographic website which lets the images take centre stage. Easy to navigate, the photographs are beautifully presented so that the visitor can fully enjoy the artwork with total ease. There is an online shop selling photographic cards, incorporating a comprehensive e-commerce system which is simple to use. The shop is set up so that it can grow in terms of facilities and size as the business grows.

Natural Web Design screen shot - www.woolpitdramaclub.co.ukwww.woolpitdramaclub.co.uk

A theatrical design that conjures up the atmosphere of the club in an instant, giving context and life to the information presented. Photo galleries, an interactive map and contact form are included, all carefully configured to add to the bespoke look. The logo design was specially created by Natural Web Design for them, and provided in various formats for use in print. This website is designed so the club can update and add to the site themselves.

Natural Web Design screen shot - www.kingsforestbowmen.co.ukwww.kingsforestbowmen.co.uk

A website redesign for an established sports club, creating a site that is modern, professional and easy to maintain. The background image and photographs convey the nature of field archery while the text and photo buttons draw the visitor into the site. Photo galleries, events page, results listings, news and links all allow the club to communicate with their members and attract new people to join them.

Natural Web Design screen shot - thetinykeyhole.co.ukwww.thetinykeyhole.co.uk

A delightful blog which is both pretty and practical. It is set within a ring binder style design, creating a site that is easy to read and a joy to maintain. The sidebar is designed to allow for easy navigation, drawing visitors further into the blog. There are options for people to follow the blog via Google, RSS Feed and Atom Feed, plus photo galleries, tags, categories, and advertising space.

Portfolio – Part 2

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